Etisalat and Du Free Internet Offer 2024 – How To Get UAE Free Internet

Etisalat and Du Free Internet Offer 2024 – How To Get UAE Free Internet

At Dubai’s 52nd national day, Etisalat and Du Free Internet Offer 2024 is available for tourists and local customers which will provide free internet at new year upto 52 GB and can be used for unlimited time also. Etisalat and du internet offer can be availed up to 7th January 2024 and best thing about this offer is that it is available for every kind of customer no matter you are a tourist or a local in Dubai.

We will provide you every way to get this free internet offer in 2024 and then will also provide answers of public FAQs about free internet UAE so that you may also available the opportunity and enjoy Etisalat and Du Free Internet Offer 2024. Let’s start with the introduction of these internet providers and then quality of internet will also be discussed.

About Etisalat and Du

Etisalat is a 18th largest mobile operator company in UAE which has expanded it’s branches in upto 16 countries. It’s internet providing score is also upto 98% which is only 0.5% lesser than best ever internet provider and this thing makes it special.

Similar features are holded by Du internet provider, which also has one of the best internet provider score and also used in many countries worldwide. But many people prefer Etisalat over du because it’s access is very easy.

How To Get Etisalat and Du Free Internet?

Getting this free internet is very easy and three methods will be described here by which you can get this internet offer on your mobile phone. All these three methods are given below so stick with us right till the end because we also have some surprises for you and we will discuss features of these companies deeply.

Following Are 4 methods to get free internet in UAE through Etisalat and Du Free Internet Offer.

  1. Postpaid Subscribers

You can avail du internet through Postpaid subscription by installing “du app”. After installing the app you will scroll down and find best offers for you at New Year and you will find up to 52 GB internet without any cost and subscription will happen automatically till 7th of January 2024.

  1. Prepaid Customers

Prepaid Customers can Automatically available Etisalat and Du Free Internet Offer through any mobile load agent and 52 GB internet will be provided to you without any cost.

  1. Home Customer’s Bonus

Etisalat and Du Free Internet Offer can also be availed through home Customer’s Bonus as if you are using services of these companies then you will be provided free internet in the form of offers which you can get according to your interest.

  1. My Etisalat App

Just like Du app, Etisalat app is also available for providing you free internet.You will just install the application and scroll it down to get offers of your interest and subscribe them.

So these were 4 best possible methods to get Etisalat and Du Free Internet Offer 2024 . Now we are going to discuss public FAQs about Etisalat and Du Free Internet Offer 2024.

  • Which Codes To Dial For Etisalat and Du Free Internet Offer 2024?

2 codes will be provided to you here for getting free internet offer in UAE.

  • Can We Convert Du To Etisalat?

Yes we can surely convert Du to Etisalat by simple method which we have described in below FAQ.

  • How To Convert Du To Etisalat?

Company provides opportunity to convert Du to Etisalat as you will just fill a form and they will accept this form and your internet provider will be converted automatically.

How To Install Du and Etisalat Apps?

For installing these apps, you will follow download method given below 👇;

  • Step 1; click on the download button for your favourite internet app of these 2 , given at the start of end of this article and apps will be downloaded in your device.


  • Step2; Both Etisalat and Du apps are also available on Google play store and iOS app store, from where you can install these.


  • Step 3; After downloading these apps from this article, just open your file manager and click on APK folder to find apps .


  • Step4; Click install button in APK folder and you will get these apps in desktop menu of your device and apps are ready to use.

Etisalat and Du Free Internet Offer 2024 User Guide

You will install both these apps and open them after that you will scroll for getting your free internet offers. You can choose offer of your interest but in these days you will just select free internet offer and after that you can avail other internet offer which provided by these companies.

Features Of Etisalat and Du Apps

  • Both applications are very easy to use as these provide easy User interface for even a beginner user of these applications.
  • Bugs are fixed and no lag will happen while Using free internet apps.
  • Apps are available in all 16 countries and can be used as easily as in Dubai.
  • Apps can also be updated easily which makes their use more convenient.


Etisalat and Du Free Internet Offer 2024 is ready to be available at Dubai’s 52nd National Day and Beth these will provide upto 52 GB internet for you and internet score is also one of the best.Most importantly, these offers are free and available in upto 16 countries as we have described above.Offers are also available for tourists and locals as well.So get any app of your interest for availing free internet and don’t forget to visit us again.

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